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The astonishing nature of Alpine Slovenia offers you unlimited hiking possibilities and River Camping Bled is the best starting point.

Alpine Slovenia is a paradise for those who love to be active in nature, with over 400 peaks that reach over 2000m, countless hills, and Alpine foothills. The diversity provides for all kinds of hiking trails of different lengths and difficulty.

Numerous shorter and easier trails can be found in the vicinity of the camp, appropriate for families with young children. Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, can be seen to the North above Lake Bled and is surrounded by the Triglav National Park.

Short walks

For our youngest visitors

St. Peter’s church
and sankaška hut

St. Peter’s church and sankaška hut

When the weather is clear you can admire an amazing view of Bled, the lake, the island, the castle, and the highest peak in Slovenia – Triglav.

Starting point: Begunje na Gorenjskem
Estimated time: 30 minute

mountain pasture

Planinca mountain pasture

When the weather is nice, the view of Dobrča and the surrounding peaks is just stunning, when viewed from the top of Planinca where a shepherd’s cabin is situated.

Starting point: Dolina Draga
Estimated time: 1h 15min

above bled

Straža above bled

A nice walk to the top of Straža, where the amazing view of Lake Bled, the castle, and surrounding mountains can be admired. In the summertime, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush of summer tobogganing or visit the Adventure Park.

Starting point: Želeče (Bled)
Estimated time: 30 min

Half-day hikes

For families with children who are used to mountain walking

Roblekov dom
mountain hut, 1657 m

Roblekov dom mountain hut, 1657 m

Offers a view of Bled and Triglav. For those more adventurous, Begunjščica 2060 m a.s.l. is from Roblekov dom accessible in one hour.

Starting point: Dolina Draga
Estimated time: 1h 20 min

1634 m

Dobrča 1634 m

Dobrča is also called ‘The balcony of the Gorenjska region’ because of its amazing views. Not far from the top is a mountain lodge that offers its guests local food.

Starting point: Srednja vas, Hudi graben
Estimated time: 2h

Babji zob
1128 m

Babji zob 1128 m

The viewpoint is located on the far western side of Jelovica.

Starting point: Kupljenik
Estimated time: 1h 30min

Longer and further hikes

For older children and adults

Trupejevo poldne
1931 m

Trupejevo poldne 1931 m

Trupejevo poldne is one of the summits of the Karavanks and will overcome you with its beauty and lush flora and fauna. If you are making your way across the higher regions and hear whistling sounds, keep your eyes peeled because alpine marmots are close by.

Starting point: Srednji vrh
Estimated time: 2h 30min

2236 m

Stol 2236 m

The highest peak of the Karavanks, which can be seen to the north from the campsite.

Starting point: dolina Završnica
Estimated time: 4h 20min


Triglav 2864m

The highest Slovene mountain which rules the Julian Alps and lies in the middle of Triglav National Park.

Starting point: Rudno polje
Estimated time: 6h 30min


Themed hiking trails

For explorers

If you are not interested in mountain trails you can still be active and enjoy nature – uncover all the themed paths that gently wind through the forests and fields. We recommend the following:

The Lipnica
castle trail

The Lipnica castle trail

Start point: Radovljica
Length: 5km
Estimated time: 2h 30 min
Difficult level: easy walking trail
Signs: signposts and information boards


Lamberg trail

Start point: The centre of Begunje
Length: 7.7km
Estimated time: 3 hours
Difficulty level: easy hiking trail
Total height difference: 160m
Signs: signposts and information boards

The Grabnarca
waterside trail

The Grabnarca waterside trail

Start point: Spodnja Lipnica
Length: 5km
Estimated time: 2h 30 min
Difficulty level: easy walking trail
Signs: signposts and information boards

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