About Us | River Camping Bled

About Us

We are two families who share a passion for camping and have made our dream come true. We are a young team that loves nature and is full of positive energy.

As lifelong campers, we met years ago while camping during the summer holidays. The girls bonded through child’s play and the grownups through dreaming about building and running their own campsite.

Our dreams and friendship grew stronger with time and our dreams slowly became a reality. We established River Camping Bled. We devote all our energy and thoughts to our camp. When guests arrive with high expectations and leave satisfied we know that all the hard work and sleepless nights are paying off and it lets us keep our dreams alive.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Jan, Tjaša, Matjaž, Ana, Manca, Ajda, Živa, Pia

Our Story

In love with nature. We love our children. We want them to love nature as well. That's why we strongly believe in sustainable development with the use of natural resources.

The soil, the ultimate resource. We try to produce as little waste as possible. All the waste that is produced by us or our guests is separated and implemented in the recycling systems for additional reuse.

Maintaining clean water.  We avoid bottled drinking water and the use of plastic by offering drinking tap water in the whole camping area. We have implemented systems to reduce water consumption like aerators in taps and showers. For wastewater, we have implemented an on-site biological water treatment plant.

Breathing fresh air. We encourage our guests and staff to use public and sustainable transport. With the help of the local community, we organized a Hop-on-Hop-off bus that stops in front of the camp.  We offer our guests classic or electric bicycles for sustainable mobility.

In close contact with the local community. We engage our guests in location-specific activities that celebrate the local culture.

The usage of natural materials. We use renewable, local, and sustainable materials. We implemented heating systems with efficient energy consumption and built good insulation to retain heat.

Eating healthier. We offer organic, local, and fresh food to our guests. We can provide local organic food because of our strong relationships with local farmers. We offer our guests an organic garden with many spices and herbs, free to pick.

Quality service is our primary goal.

Running the campsite is our passion. We live with it and work every day to make our guests feel as good as possible.

Hospitality and a positive atmosphere.

We follow your wishes with the hopes that you will leave satisfied and looking forward to another visit.

In touch with nature.

Not too far away from Bled and its many events. We are most aware of how much nature and the local environment offer us. That is why we support the local community and provide fresh and organic products for our guests.

As camping near lake Bled is a special experience, we decided to set up a campsite where our guests will have the best experience. Our philosophy is to make camping in Bled relaxed, friendly, and sustainable. River Camping Bled is here to provide quality services and great hospitality. It is about creating unforgettable memories whether you are camping or staying in one of our magnificent alpine cottages.