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Is dreaming about the summer allowed?

These days are tough and uncertain. We need to stay at home and take seriously all precaution measures. This means that we need to put our personal needs and adventurous spirit aside. But are you itching to get outside as much as we do?

We have been building our new campsite near lake Bled and encountered many obstacles and reasons that might slow our development. Corona virus never came to our mind. But as we are born optimists, the situation seems like just another bump in the road. Of course, we are learning new lessons and reminding ourselves that health is in the first place indeed. It is obvious that nature itself is the main winner in this situation. News from all over the world report on declining pollution and traffic.

Nature heals, nature relaxes. When the virus will slowly be saying goodbye, we will appreciate nature even more. We will be happy to spend working hours in the campsite, surrounded by beautiful mountains, river Sava, lake Bled. Hopefully, summer will bring better news. Dreaming is allowed.

Campsites can offer people to feel carefree. Nature lovers and camping enthusiasts will feel at home in River Camping Bled. Cleanliness, spacious camping pitches with easy access, and an option of renting a private bathroom are even more important factors in the current situation.

Cottages in alpine style are located in a way to promote privacy and bring a camping experience very close to glamping. As the campsite is situated on a peninsula, surrounded by the river Sava, there are many places on a river shore which offer the best place to refresh and it is never crowded at all.

River Camping Bled is a living place in nature. If the dreams come true, we would be more than happy to welcome you in the summer!